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Headquarters > https://tribeofmisfits.xyz

BluLuna > https://www.twitch.tv/bluluna52

Danelah > https://www.twitch.tv/danelah

Ko-Fi [Help us Grow!] > https://ko-fi.com/tribeofmisfits

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Email > connect@tribeofmisfits.xyz

Our Sanctuary [Discord Invite] > https://discord.gg/RAMB4kXBQw

Merch Shop [Sanctuary Merch] > https://sanctuarymerch.art

Services [Stream Moxie] > https://streammoxie.com

BluLuna’s Exclusive Links:

Twitch > https://www.twitch.tv/bluluna52

Ko-fi [Memberships & More] > https://ko-fi.com/bluluna

Find me on PSN BluSnow25

Find me on Steam BluLuna | 335756904

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Danelah’s Exclusive Links:

Twitch > https://www.twitch.tv/danelah

Ko-fi [News & Memberships] > https://ko-fi.com/danelah

Throne > https://throne.com/danelah

Altered Art [Magnets & Stickers] > https://alteredartbydanelah.etsy.com

Journal > https://danelah.com

Pinterest > https://www.pinterest.com/danelah

Find me on PSN danelah

Find me on Steam danelah | 1204125343


        • Requesting donations is hard, but it's essential for keeping our operations running smoothly! If you'd like to demonstrate your support for the Tribe, BluLuna or Danelah, we have crafted fantastic benefits for you in return!
Twich Icon

Subscribers to the channel get the following perks:

  • Unlock Extra Emotes
  • Ad Free Viewing
  • Special Subscriber Badge
  • Subscriber Discord Role (if connected)

Danelah on Twitch

Subscribers to the channel get the following perks:

  • Unlock Extra Emotes
  • Ad Free Viewing
  • Special Subscriber Badge
  • Subscriber Discord Role (if connected)
  • Subscriber Only Channel Commands

Did You Know?

If you are a Turbo subscriber you won’t see ads but your watch time still counts while you are in our channels! Party dance!

Cheering With Bits on Twitch

        • Is a fantastic way to share that you are enjoying time spent without having to commit to a subscription! You can even use bits for actions with Blue and Newt or slap some crazy stickers up on the stream!

Tribe of Misfits on Ko-fi

Become a Misfit Ally on our Tribe Ko-fi and get the following perks:

  • Messages just for you
  • Merch Discounts of 10 to 30% (discount doesn’t stack, super sorry!)
  • Exclusive notifications on new releases
  • 10 Minute Pre-Stream Parties
  • Misfit Ally Role in Discord with access to exclusive channels

Misfit Accomplice On Discord

We know, that’s a lot of options and a lot of spaces and a lot of hard earned cash! If you want one easy way to support the Tribe - become a Misfit Accomplice in Sanctuary!

One Place

One price

All the Ko-fi Benefits (from the Tribe, BluLuna and Danelah)

        • Available in our Discord Shop in the server!

Affiliate Links

These are affiliate links which means we’ll receive a small commission or reward if you use them.

Get yourself some gear on Amazon:

Streamlabs OBS: Viewers get a discount on Streamlabs plans! $10 off annual or $9 off 1st month! (https://streamlabs.com/refer/danelahmn-4a8c-10?t=2)

Discover fonts, graphics and amazing inspiration at Creative Fabrica!


We get a $10 credit at Airtable for everyone who creates an account and confirms their email (for free)! We use Airtable to keep track of our games, videos and more. It’s like a turbocharged Google Sheet!


Sofi Checking and Savings - We love Sofi - it’s where all our money goes! Open and fund a new checking & savings account, we get $75 and you get $25!

We truly believe that when you succeed, we succeed which leads to the inevitable I succeed. We create spaces and opportunities for our tribe to come together, no matter where they are in the world or in life.

If we can inspire creatively, through positive engagements, we know our tribe can succeed together!

See you soon!

Love BluLuna & Danelah


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