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Heyo! I’m a gAmer, aRtist & mIsfit who streams a variety of games. I ❤ to pLay, cReate & iNspire.

Here’s a quick list of things about me…

Name – Da’Nela (dah-nee-lah) or just call me Dee 😂

Identity – she/her, an american misfit

Sign – Sagittarius – smart, caring, deep, honest & wild. It’s so sag of me to share that.

Generation – genX – at the very end, but it defines me!

Native State – Minnesota – MN Nice – ya sure, you betcha

Current State – Lost in Arkansas

Relationship – attached to a sweetheart named gr0

Biggest Accomplishment – I have an amazing & beautiful kiddo who is all grown up

2nd Biggest Accomplishment – that time I made it to the credits of Doom Eternal

Favorite Games – Zombie Army 4, Borderlands 2, Uncharted series

I’ve always been an avid gamer, but I wouldn’t have tried out live streaming if I hadn’t had the downtime while taking care of my grandma. If you want to know how that began, you can read about it here.

Streaming on Twitch allowed me to capture all of my amazing death scenes from my PS4. I am on a mission to find and post “A Million Ways 2 Die” in games on YouTube. I don’t share every death so it’s taking me a while to reach a significant number. We recently surpased 200 shorts!

When people started following me on Twitch I was surprised 😂. When I reached Affiliate it was, to me, a major accomplishment that I never knew I wanted to achieve until it happened. I love gaming and spending time with friends – I’m so happy for the opportunity to do both!

I’m so grateful to all supporters from the latest followers to those that have subscribed to my channel – thank you so much. You’re amazingly sweet!


Danelah [she/her/hers/trying to be humanish, maybe]

Tribe of Misfits

Gamer Info

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Meet Newt

Meet Newt, he’s a dragon. He comes from the Twitch Dragon Pets Extension. He’s active on stream and you can use Eridium to feed him, have him say something or send him to battle (Eridium is the name of my channel points).

Newt started out as a Fire dragon, but he’s currently equipped with Water as his element. He’s been bred 188 times, faught 53 battles, eaten 760 meals and spoken 3,240 words as of writing this.

Newt loves going to battle as he gets to wear a fancy hat if he wins. Sometimes when someone uses the Breed feature, Newt gets really derpy looking. Sometimes it looks like he’s been smoking or drinking heavily. You can follow these shenanigans in Sanctuary (our discord server).

Newt loves greeting new visitors to the channel and he keeps Yayo and Bishop company when we’re offline.

His favorite food is tacos, closely followed by zombie legs and chocolate chip cookies. He was recently introduced to croissants, thanks to our friend Lauralie, he finds them delicious!

Newt was named by SeasonsLocke. Yayo was his first companion, named by gr0-2. One night at the end of a stream we noticed that Newt and Yayo had a new friend, whom ZrathSmiley named Bishop.

You can visit Newt when we are offline, his extension is active on my About page. Dragon Pets recently introduced an item shop for pets. Viewers are able to purchase these using Dragon Coins. You can learn more about that and view Newt’s profile at https://www.dragon-pets.com/loves/Danelah.