Death Count

Round 1 - 111

Neko-Chan End Point: 80% Complete/Kowloon Streets

Round 2 - 89

Normal End Point: August Boss Fight

Round 3 - 79

Neko-Chan - Game Completed!

Wanted: Dead

So much to love...

The ultra cheesy story, graphics, gameplay ... I love all of these things about Wanted: Dead. I especially love that they gave me cat ears for having to change from normal to easy mode. Which, by the way, is not easy. I reached a point near the end of the game that I just couldn't get passed so took a break for a bit.

Started 2nd playthrough in March, after the 1 year anniversary update. Update helped a little but I got stuck on August and the game never gave me the option to switch to Neko-Chan.

Third Run was successful!!!

The Basics

Release Date

February 2023

Play it on

Steam, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox

Solo Game

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Boss Fights by SeasonsLocke

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